About VBRI

We, at VBRI, understand the power of creativity, invention, and innovation. Our mission is to make optimum use of new-age-technology and innovations to improve the sectors of healthcare services, energy, and environment. With our team of experts and technocrats, we strive to invent technology and use it for the advancement and betterment of human life. The VBRI was established with an aim to bring people together and build an environment of learning, innovating, ideating, and spreading new-age technology and innovations to sectors like healthcare, agriculture, education, security, environment, etc. The VBRI aims to bring new-age-technology to all the sectors that can benefit out of technological innovations.

The main objective of VBRI is to create new technology and modify the one that already exists, in order to improve the quality of human life and enable continuous advancement. We aim to offer our technical services to the sectors that need innovation and technology the most, and also those sectors that have huge potential for development upon the implementation of new-age technology. Our primary focus is on transforming the energy, environment, and healthcare sectors.

We have a network of experienced researchers and technocrats, that spreads across the globe. Our team includes highly-qualified professionals, who are experts in their fields, and capable of supporting projects in fields like research & innovations, technology transfer, IT, digital marketing, industrial consultancy, and many more.

Our Leadership

Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, DPhil, Doc.

Chairman and Managing Director

Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari is a technocrat entrepreneur, who founded the VBRI Group with the ideology of “Committed to Excellence”. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of the VBRI. Dr. Tiwari lead the translational research in the area of biomedical methods and smart devices. He is a world-renowned technocrat and pioneer in the area of Sensors, Molecular Electronics, Cloud Medicine, and Digital Healthcare. Dr. Tiwari invented AI-based healthcare technology such as zero-distance hospitals to revolutionize the life of masses when it comes to healthcare.


Dr. Ashuman Mishra, PhD

Director and Head, Research and Innovation

Dr. Anshuman Mishra is engaged in health science and biotechnology research related to infectious (bacteria, virus and protozoa infections), non-communicable (cardiovascular, diabetes, etc.) diseases, and their healthcare management. Dr. Mishra has completed his PhD from Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), India. He has research experiences with CSIR- India, University of Cambridge- UK, Pusan National University- South Korea, and Institute of Advanced Materials- Sweden. Dr. Mishra is actively working on the mass healthcare technologies and commercialization of healthcare innovations. Moreover he is involved in number of international consortiums and get support from various national (DBT, DST, ICMR, Immunology foundation etc.) and international organizations (Wellcome Trust, NIH, Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation etc.).


Dr. Yogesh R Shukla, M.S., M.Ch.

Director Healthcare

Dr. Yogesh Shukla is a fellow in Cardiovascular Thoracic and Minimally Invasive Surgery, UK; a dedicated Cardiac Surgeon and has an immaculate track record of success in treating advanced conditions. He is the Director of mHospitals and is responsible for shaping the cardiac care endeavors of the organization. With his expertise of performing more than 500 complex cardiac surgeries in UK and India, he has played a pivotal role in mHospitals’ journey. Dr. Shukla holds an MS in General Surgery and M.Ch. in Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery. Having years of experience, he is an expert in Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, Minimally Invasive Valve Replacement, Total Arterial Revascularization, and many more surgical procedures.

Pavan Kumar Pandey, MTech

Director IT

Pavan Kumar Pandey holds a rich experience of more than 10 years in the field of information technologies. His research interests focus on wireless communication and artificial intelligence. He is a postgraduate from ISM (IIT) Dhanbad in the field of computer science and technology. In his professional experience, he has been associated with multiple top MNCs across the world like Ericsson, Samsung, Oracle, etc. and contributed towards several projects based on revolutionised wireless technology and telecommunication.

VBRI Sverige AB

With a commitment to ‘Delivering the Best”, VBRI Sverige AB effectively helps in connecting people for learning, innovating and forming new ideas with modern technology and science. The technological innovation services of the company span through sectors like healthcare, security, and education. The company also develops custom-made software, applications, and tools for clients. With a vision to promote learning and spreading knowledge, VBRI Sverige also acts as a publication platform and publishes more than 5000 articles annually. Also, the company acts as a digital education platform and uses new-age-technology to make new innovations in the already existing platforms.

VBRI Innovation

With a presence in multiple industry verticals, VBRI Innovation is a rising name in the world of technological innovations and research. The company aims to invent new technology for the betterment of human life. Expanding on this vision, the company offers custom-made software, tailor-made for the requirements of the companies. With a network of experienced technocrats, VBRI Innovation also offers IT-enabled tools for health, education, and energy infrastructures. The company’s aim is to offer high-quality technical services to the sectors that need it the most and make human life more and more comfortable.

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