Who we are

VBRI, is a leading multinational group of businesses, headquartered in Sweden. With an unwavering faith in the ideology of ‘Committed to Excellence’, we strive to bring innovation and development to different sectors through the implementation of the latest technology. We have a global presence, including in countries like USA, Australia, China, United Kingdom, and Singapore. We provide global consultancy and services with main focus on IT services, technological solutions, Translational research, education, and industrial training.

Our Domains

Research & Innovation

At VBRI, we believe that innovation is the way to proceed and progress in today’s world. We have a team of technocrats who are highly qualified. We provide research and innovation services in various sectors, including those that are highly crucial to the existence of humankind like healthcare, energy, and environment. The company has been working on utilizing modern technology to help people in bringing innovation to these sectors.

IT Services

VBRI offers the development of customized software, tailor-made to fulfill all the requirements of your company or clients. Our team of experts delivers custom-made solutions after taking all your business requirements into account. We aim to revolutionize the world of web and mobile development through new-age technology. We offer technological solutions, software development, and integration for all kinds of IT-enabled tools for health, education, security, and energy infrastructures.

Training and Education

Our International pre-medical program is designed in order to better prepare for intermediate (10 + 2) graduates for medical studies at highly reputable medical schools in Europe. A pre-medical course is generally preferred for the preparation of obtaining admission to a European medical university since its curriculum incorporates resources from around the world. Therefore, this program will serve as a training course for the students, as well as excellent teaching facilities, internationally-renowned researchers and clinicians, and a wide array of career opportunities, and it is highly recommended since it provides a smooth transition into the first year of medical school.

Global Consultancy

We provide consultancy services across various sectors like healthcare, energy, etc. With a network of highly-experienced experts and technocrats, we are well-equipped to develop efficient tools for businesses. With the help of this network, we have been providing global consultancy services in sectors that are important to mankind such as healthcare, energy, environment, and many more. We provide global networking to scholars and researchers across the globe.

Smart Healthcare

VBRI strives to make mass healthcare accessible to people in their homes. The company works in this direction with the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and nanotechnology. The company has been working to improve the quality of healthcare services through technology. Our aim is to make this higher quality of technology available to millions of patients so that they can live longer and happier lives. The primary objective is to serve the laymen and provide them accurate treatment for a minimal charge.

Industrial Training

One of our principal objectives, at VBRI, is to provide people knowledge so that they understand the value of innovation and help in creating an environment of progress. To do so, we provide various industrial training programs to people around the world. These programs span through sectors like healthcare, energy, environment, agriculture, and technology.

Translational Research

Our extensive work in the sector of healthcare services includes Translational research. We have a team of experts that can use the knowledge acquired from clinical and field trials to develop, modify, and improve the tools used to address medical needs. Our experts boast of the required knowledge of the stringent Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in place to avoid any conflicts. The healthcare sector is going through a new-age industrialization. It is being looked at as a business. But VBRI is dedicated to using new-age technology to improve the healthcare services and serve mankind.

Our Products


Hospitals at Your Home

A virtual hospital platform developed by VBRI, mHospitals is all set to revolutionize the world of Smart Healthcare. With mHospitals, the patients will always be just a click away from their doctors!

COVID Cloud Care

mHospitals provide cloud care for Coronavirus

The COVID-19 Virtual Test KitTM assist to identify the ‘Disease Hotspots and Tracking’.

Global consultancy platform

Consultancy services just a click away!

After having recently developed a global consultancy platform, VBRI has achieved new heights. The platform has been created to facilitate clear communication within the rapidly increasing global network of advanced materials researchers, professors, and experts. It will also serve as a medium for these experts to provide consultancy to others.

Training Program

VBRI organizes a diverse range of events such as talks, seminars, workshops, conferences, and many more. All the events give the professionals from industry and academia opportunities to discuss the latest trends and challenges across academic disciplines. Our events are organized around the world and present opportunities for people to meet their peers and form a global network that can take the world of science forward at a rapid speed.

Moreover, VBRI also publishes some of the most popular scientific books, journals, and proceedings. These publications spread knowledge about the latest technological advancements and insights. Also, these publications also provide a platform for scientific innovations, research insights, and products to get showcased to a global reader-base.


 I am really impressed with the facilities that VBRI has developed in a short period of time. I think it is equivalent to what any world class facility may have. VBRI will surely grown into a big venture with so many innovative ideas to develop new products in the field of energy, environment, and healthcare. I wish the organization all the best.

~ Dr. G.C. Dubey

- Retd., Solid State Physics Laboratory, DRDO, India

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