Industrial Training Program

At VBRI, we understand the importance of industrial training for an individual who is looking to give a kickstart to his career. We offer a wide range of industrial training programs in the sectors of energy, environment, and healthcare. Our programs are designed to deliver high-quality training to enable the trainees to excel in their respective sectors.

All of our programs give you huge exposure to the professional world. These programs give you a glimpse of the life you are planning to lead. Not just this, they equip you with all the knowledge and skills that you are going to need on your way ahead.

Over the years, with a huge number of success stories, VBRI has become a leading name in the world of Industrial training. Under our programs, the trainees also get to meet professionals that were once trainees just like them and then went on to achieve success with the help of our programs.

VBRI provides you opportunities that are unheard of. As a trainee, you get to work on live projects for our clients and gain valuable experience. Our modules of training have been set by experts of their respective fields to ensure that we impart the highest quality of training to the individuals. Our performance in the past speaks for us. Our reputation in the field is well-deserved as our training programs sensitize the trainees with all the requisite knowledge, exposure, and skills.

Why VBRI for Industrial Training?

Our training programs have been designed with an objective to train and produce extremely competent professionals who can cope up with the challenges of all the emerging technologies in the world. VBRI gives the students access to well-placed laboratories, service-centres, research and innovation facilities, molecular electronics laboratories, and many other state-of-the-art facilities to give them hands-on experience of solving real problems.

The trainees at VBRI are trained by experts of their respective fields. Our global collaborations with experts and technocrats allow us to bring in experienced faculty for the trainees. Thus, the trainees get an enriching experience of world-class training at the hands of experienced and highly competent faculties.

What do you get?

With VBRI’s high-quality industrial training programs, you get

  • Exposure to the professional world
  • Ability to act on real-time scenarios
  • Training based on multiple live projects
  • Experience of working on state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Guidance from certified experts
  • Knowledge of all the advanced topics
  • Glimpse of all the latest trends in the industry

Who can apply?

VBRI’s industrial training programs are tailor-made for every individual who is looking to learn the skills required to work in this competitive world, especially in the sectors of energy, environment, and healthcare. VBRI is the perfect training provider for anyone who is looking to gain an edge over his peers. Our expertise and years of experience in the areas like web development, advanced materials, nanotechnology, Translational research, artificial intelligence, etc. make us a perfect choice for the aspiring professionals.

Undergraduates who need to get industrial training as a fixed part of their curriculum are welcome to apply. Moreover, the graduates or working professionals who are looking for an upward shift in their career can also apply to our high-quality industrial training programs.

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