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Research & Innovation is at the core of every human advancement. Keeping this in mind, VBRI has been leading the way with extensive research and innovation in the sectors of energy, environment, and healthcare.

With the advent of new-age technologies, the world is at the threshold of great innovations. Today, the success rate of organizations depends upon their ability to conduct research and continuously innovate. Research is the backbone of every work product that a company creates. With 90 percent of the world’s data created in the last decade, the need to acquire excellent research skills has increased exponentially.

The world is going through a new-age industrial revolution. But to make the most of this positive disruption and change, the most superlative quality of research and development is required. Industries like Energy, Environment, and Healthcare are in a tailor-made state for the world to transform them with innovations. Keeping in mind the opportunities of development the world has, if the right research and innovation is implemented, these three sectors will soon cease to have any flaws or dysfunctions.

Our Vision

VBRI’s vision is to become the world leader in innovative and collaborative research that transforms the spheres of energy, environment, and healthcare services through profound research and innovations. We aim to empower innovators and researchers throughout the world and create an environment suitable for the inception of solutions to the most chronic societal challenges and problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a team of technocrats and researchers that promotes VBRI as the leader in research and innovation.Our research is aimed at finding solutions to all the flaws in various industry verticals that are crucial for a convenient survival of human beings.We collaborate with academicians, scientists, technocrats, and researchers from all over the world to make sure that we deliver the best possible solutions to society.

Our Researches

VBRI has identified the areas of the highest priority for not just any nation, but the entire world, and has also invested great amounts of time and research in these areas. Our research is focused on the sectors that are the most crucial for the comfortable existence of human beings in this world. With our team of experts, we are dedicated to developing solutions to the most pressing problems that the earth faces right now. We are one of the ground-breaking research organizations in the areas of healthcare, energy, and environment.

Healthcare sector

Our research in this sector involves developing solutions to prevent illnesses, develop a better understanding of chronic diseases, and to improve the conditions of treatment and facilities to make the lives of people happier.

Innovating the practice methods:

Our team of experts and researchers work at the very grass-root level, in touch with hospitals and clinics in rural areas. This work of ours has resulted in invaluable findings that we have incorporated into our projects in order to benefit the patients of today and building better healthcare for the future.

A major part of our research and our work involves working on different models that can make possible an effective amalgamation of new-age-technology and healthcare practices. Some of our key research areas in this sector include

  • Programmable Theranostic medicine
  • Healthcare electronics and Cloud Medicine
  • Neuroprosthetics in the treatment of neurological disorders

Our focus is on building intelligent healthcare systems through our extensive work on the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). With a vision to enhance the quality of the existing healthcare infrastructure, we work extensively on developing super-thin medical diagnostic tools, Imaging & Therapeutics, Smart theranostic nanomedicines, and simulation, etc.

Our team of highly qualified experts and our extensive work at the grass-root level compliments all our endeavours of research and innovation.

Energy sector

VBRI understands that the growth of a nation and the quality of life of the population, in these times, are highly dependent on the access to renewable energy sources. With this in mind, our research in the energy sector involves developing solutions and methods to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy.

Developing new technological innovations to build better lifestyles:

Most of our research involves working on developing technological solutions that can be easily incorporated into the existing infrastructure. Our research has been influential in the development of tools and systems that can change the way energy is transmitted. As a team, we have always strived to make renewable sources of energy more accessible and reduce the carbon footprint of the entire planet. We work on developing new models for energy transmission and also innovating the newest technology to enhance the already existing models and infrastructure.

Environment sector

Keeping in mind the goal of building a better world, our research is focused on assisting mankind in maintaining the authenticity and integrity of our environment. ‘Ecology and Environmental Research’, ‘Smart systems and technologies’, and ‘Cement and Concrete Technology’ are some of the primary areas of our concern.

Our research in the environment sector is focused on developing solutions that can help human beings to ensure the sustainable utilisation of natural resources. The biggest challenge that the earth faces today is the over-dependence of mankind on non-renewable sources of energy. We strive to develop technological solutions and innovations to develop models that can make renewable sources of energy more accessible. We intend to take the non-conventional sources of energy to the remotest sections of society. Our research in this sector is meant to assist the team of technocrats and experts in developing smart systems and technologies for the better utilization of renewable sources of energy.

Leveraging knowledge

VBRI believes that any research that does not lead to some concrete and substantial result is a waste. We strive to leverage all the knowledge and findings from our research to develop innovative tools and applications

At VBRI, we believe that any research that does not lead to a substantial result or change is useless. All our findings from the research are leveraged to initiate a change that makes a difference in the lives of people.

Everything that we do is aimed at creating breakthroughs in different fields for the betterment of human life. All our research findings till date have been used as a bargaining chip to create new facilities, tools, technologies, and platforms for the laymen.

Significant research findings and achievements

Easy electrochemical detection of Creatine:

As a result of years of extensive research, VBRI has developed a sensitive graphene-based bio-interface that can enable easy electrochemical detection of creatine. Our researchers have capitalized on the high-quality electronic properties of graphene to develop a multifunctional bioelectronic interface. This development, enabling a better diagnosis of problems like thyroid malfunction, kidney-related problems, and muscular disorders by measuring creatine level in blood, is all set to bring a revolution in the healthcare industry.

Development of an e-clinic platform

Our team of technocrats works round the clock to develop new tools and technologies. As a result, VBRI has successfully developed an e-clinic platform. The technology is still in the phase of field trials. Extensive field trials are being conducted to make sure that there are no flaws left in the product. Once available to people, the platform will give the Indian population access to doctors and medical help round the clock through their smartphones. The platform is all set to take the medical industry by a storm. The application will prove to be extensively helpful in improving the medical density in India and will make a real difference in the quality of life of people living in rural India.

Analysis of electrochemical properties of enzyme modified layered graphene

Keeping in mind the need to develop green energy, our team of researchers has been working on both types of BioFuel Cells (BFCs). This research has led to the team successfully demonstrating that in certain conditions, the electrochemically deposited enzyme could act as a new geometrical electrode on the layered graphene.

Better detection of glucose concentration

Our team has developed new technology that makes possible a better and quick detection of the glucose concentration in the human body. This effort has been made by our team to help improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment of lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases are becoming more and more common these days all over the world. The concentration of glucose is directly related to most of the lifestyle diseases that human beings suffer from. Therefore, this technology could bring a positive change in the healthcare and medicine sector and prove to be a life-saving boon.

Analysis of electrochemical properties of enzyme modified layered graphene

Keeping in mind the need to develop green energy, our team of researchers has been working on both types of BioFuel Cells (BFCs). This research has led to the team successfully demonstrating that in certain conditions, the electrochemically deposited enzyme could act as a new geometrical electrode on the layered graphene.

Leveraging knowledge

Trying to make a meaningful impact on global societal challenges is at the core of who we are. To ensure that we stick to our goal, we measure our progress at regular intervals. Our vision is to introduce crucial sectors of healthcare, energy, and environment to the power of innovation and technology. Since our primary aim is to improve the quality of human life, we employ both quantitative and qualitative parameters to measure our progress.

Patent counts and citations

A major part of our work involves developing new tools or innovating with the already existing ones. At regular intervals, we look back at the number of patents we have filed for. Our company’s functioning is based on regular reporting of all the developments made.

Looking at the patent counts gives us an idea of the innovative output we have generated in a period of time. Moreover, it tells us that our research is leading to some substantial and concrete developments. With a few patents already in the bag, VBRI is on the right track.

Relevance of the products

Every product, tool, or technology that VBRI develops goes through multiple phases of field trials. These trials don’t just reflect the flaws in these products for us to correct them, they also indicate the level of relevance the product has for society. VBRI’s vision is that our true progress lies in developing truly useful products for society, especially the rural population. Therefore, we use our field trials as an indicator of our progress.

Keeping track of the research

At VBRI, our belief is that research, just for the sake of research is a waste of time and effort. We believe that research should lead to some valuable results and findings. With this in mind, we make a constant effort that monitors the growth of our research in various fields.

At regular intervals, our research teams look back at where they were, and what new developments and findings their research has led to in that period. The process plays a crucial role in the measurement of our progress. It assists us in ensuring that we stay on track.

Comparing the progress with our goals

At VBRI, we understand that moving forward at the speed of a snail is not moving forward at all. Therefore, we have set goals for all our teams and all the projects underway in different industries. Every now and then, we stack our progress against these set goals and measure the true developments.

The results are then used to determine what changes need to be made. All possible efforts are made to quicken the pace of any sector that seems to be unable to keep pace with the goals.

The true progress of VBRI lies in our ability to bring a substantial change in society. Our functioning involves making conscious efforts to ensure rapid progress in that direction.

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