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Artificial Intelligence is probably the biggest development of the last century. It has completely invaded the business world in the recent years. The technology has emerged as the biggest boon that mankind has ever had. It has been predicted to be the ultimate game changer for the upcoming decade. AI has completely transformed the way human life works. From Google’s Allo to Microsoft’s Cortana, AI has been the reason behind the smallest of innovations that have found their way into the market today. With applications in a wide range of industries, AI has found its way to the deepest circles of the business world and remodelled the ways of manufacturing and delivering services. With the ability to perform many functions better than humans, AI is nothing short of a revolution in the world of technology.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Energy, Environment, and Healthcare

The world has not even scratched the surface with Artificial Intelligence and is yet amazed by the wonderful things it has made possible. With an extravagant number of applications in a wide array of sectors, AI presents opportunities for unprecedented growth. It has blessed the energy sector with Smart Grids and has shown potential for powering new innovations. With the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, the environment sector has also been transformed. With the self-learning ability, AI has the potential to solve critical problems like climate change and endangerment of animal species. Moreover, with applications like automated image diagnosis, robot-assisted surgery, dosage error reduction, and many more, AI’s impact in the healthcare sector promises to be truly revolutionary and vital for the human life in future. Looking at the current landscape, these three sectors are definitely standing on the verge of being completely transformed.

Our Offerings

VBRI offers AI services that can be smoothly integrated with all your business applications. Our team of experts and IT professionals possess the skills and understanding to amalgamate AI with other technologies to cater to your business needs. We help convert the data that you generate into a form of currency. Our focus is to help you gain an edge over your competitors by developing world-class business solutions. Our AI solutions help organizations automate their daily affairs and thus enable them to overcome every major challenge that comes their way. We have a longstanding record of leveraging the potential of technologies like IoT and AI to optimise our clients’ businesses. From large scale organizations to small startups, we have been empowering companies of all sizes and from different industries with our excellent artificial intelligence solutions.

Our AI Approach

  • Knowledge Based UI
  • Computional Intelligence & Soft Computing
  • Statistical Learning

Knowledge Based UI

With an advanced knowledge of knowledge-based AI, VBRI’s team develops for you solutions that can learn from the decision-making processes of human experts. Our Knowledge based AI solutions are specially designed to help organizations reduce their burden on high volumes of data and increase the rising demand for more value from the customers. VBRI’s approach towards working on this technology is solely based on the idea of reducing human effort and developing intelligent solutions that can learn and solve customer problems.

We develop products that are based on advanced AI with a knowledge-based interface. These solutions do not just work on the data input that you provide but also learn themselves to solve further problems. With a vibrant range of applications in sectors like healthcare and energy, knowledge-based AI is definitely on the rise. We, at VBRI, are already breaking ground in this field.

Computional Intelligence & Soft Computing

With each passing day, VBRI delves more in the world of Soft Computing. Our team exhibits the ability to develop solutions that can help your organizations to solve problems where there is no mathematical model available. If your company gets stuck with a problem that seems to be unsolvable every time, then VBRI’s soft computing solutions are perfect for you. With a profound knowledge of computational intelligence, our experts can develop solutions and give them the humane power of understanding, learning, recognition, etc.

Soft computing has been one of our primary focuses as it helps us develop solutions with qualities such as:

  • Tolerance to imprecision
  • Ability to model problems with no statistical model
  • Recognize uncertainty and vagueness
  • Approximate reasoning

Statistical Learning

VBRI is extensively involved in projects based on Statistical learning. Having already taken the business world by storm, Statistical Learning- both supervised and unsupervised are definitely technologies to watch out for. VBRI has expertise and years of experience of developing solutions and platforms that can learn from data. These solutions are designed by our experts to cater to the specific needs of our clients.

VBRI helps you discover the power of data that might seem useless to you. We build solutions that can review the huge volumes of data that our clients produce on a daily basis and draw inferences that might not be obvious to human eyes. With the ability to improve continuously, VBRI’s solutions help companies tackle major challenges and complex problems.

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