VBRI organizes symposia that focus on topics ranging from broad to micro-niche subjects in science and technology. The symposiums feature paper presentations, live and recorded lectures, meetings and discussions on trends and issues to make recommendations for a certain course of action.

The Process

VBRI issues call for papers for participants who wish to attend the symposium on certain topics. The call for papers is announced on VBRI websites, social media or through symposium partners. An organizing committee then evaluates the submitted abstracts and chooses the presenters who will participate in the symposium. The organizing committee at times may also nominate certain individuals of high repute to invite them in the symposium based on their contribution in their field. The symposiums feature a diverse group of participants that come from different related disciplines in the same field.

VBRI also provides a platform for academic and industrial representatives to organize their symposium in VBRI events and conferences. Based on the number of symposium registrations, VBRI grants funds to the organizing team to allocate on aspects like equipment, accommodation, and registration discounts. The interested parties may contact the VBRI team through the ‘Contact Us’ page with their proposal. The proposal template may be downloaded here.

Symposium Format

The general structure of a VBRI consortium is as follows:

  • Welcome Remarks: By host or the symposium chairscience and technology and to develop ideas for the future.
  • Introduction of Moderators and Keynote Speakers
  • Keynote/ Invited Speaker Sessions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Question and Answer Sessions

Symposium Benefits

  • The symposium provides a forum for sharing ideas and perspectives on many contemporary topics based on science and technology and to develop ideas for the future.
  • Deepens the knowledge base of participating individuals on specific topics
  • Allows for a more specialized and personalized interaction among the participants
  • Allows for discussions on more relevant and current regulatory issues
  • Helps in developing the understanding of the practical implications of disruptive advancements
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