VBRI Events

VBRI Events

VBRI organizes a diverse range of events such as talks, workshops, conferences, seminars, and many more. All the events give the professionals from industry and academia an opportunity to discuss the latest trends and challenges across academic disciplines. The events also present opportunities for people to meet their peers and form a global network that can take the world of science forward at a rapid speed.

Events Statistics

VBRI’s events attract huge audiences. Professionals from different academic disciplines gather in large numbers to attend our conferences, seminars, and other events. We organize our events all around the world in locations and formats that are best suited for the events to meet their objectives. Over the years, VBRI has established a wide network of attendees and members through its prestigious events.

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Our Services

At VBRI, we understand that the impact of a few days can last long. Therefore, our conferences give you experience like no other. Our conferences bring together industry leaders who join hands to spread awareness about the most important topics of different academic disciplines. Also, besides organizing our own conferences, VBRI also acts as the sole organizer for clients. With an experience of organizing a number of conferences, we make your event highly successful.


Our symposiums target the most critical issues in a sphere. We bring researchers, technocrats, and business giants together to find the best solutions to the biggest of problems. Our experience of organizing world-class symposiums comes handy to our clients. We organize high-quality symposiums in the format that serves the best benefits to our clients. So, if you are looking to organize a symposium, leave it to us and our years of experience.


VBRI organizes world-class workshops that include training sessions and meetings and several other events. Our workshops are known for bringing together industry representatives, business giants, and academia professionals to discuss latest research and introduce their products to the appropriate audience. VBRI’s workshops span across a wide range of locations, institutes, and are known to cover a wide range of academic disciplines.


VBRI regularly organizes consortiums to address critical issues from various academic disciplines. These consortiums are aimed at finding solutions and developing new ideas that can enhance society. VBRI also organizes consortiums for its clients from various industry verticals. With our experience of regularly organizing consortiums, VBRI becomes the perfect choice for any organization that is looking to organize a world-class consortium.

Sponsorships and Exhibitions

With hundreds of attendees, world-class events, VBRI’s events offer unrivalled potential and opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors. We give the sponsors and exhibitors a chance to leverage the global reach of our events to promote their brands and services and get an advantage over their competitors in the market. With rich records and history, VBRI’s events are tried and tested platforms for brands to optimize their reach and presence.

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