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Being looked at as the major facilitator of the next Industrial Revolution, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important developments of our times. If you’ve been amazed with the buzz around ‘smart’ cars, ‘smart’ cities, and many other smart and connected things, then you have IoT to thank. With the advent of IoT, the distance between the digital and physical spheres has been brought down to almost negligible. IoT, with its devices and networks, is changing the way the world works every second. Simply put, from cars equipped with smart apps to home devices to position trackers, IoT is deeply embedded in our lives without us realizing it.

Scope of IoT

IoT has embarked on a journey to change the way people communicate, live, travel, and work. The IoT devices are still in their primary age in terms of development and yet, the technology has done wonders. Looking at the current progress rate of IoT and its devices, the day is not far when devices, machines, and equipment will connect to each other like human beings do. The market for Internet of Things is on the rise and the users of the connected devices are expected to grow exponentially. With businesses from every industry vertical rapidly adopting IoT, it will amount to nothing less than the ‘new electricity’ in the future.

By giving birth to ‘Climate Informatics’, ML has revolutionized man’s understanding of the environment. With the installation of Smart Grids, the wastage of energy has reduced drastically. Humankind has been able to leverage the real-time data analysis for better disaster preparation, urban sustainability, and less consumption of non-renewable energy sources.

The healthcare sector has received boons of effective diagnosis, Personalized Medicine, Smart Health Records, Clinical Trials, and many more from Machine Learning. This technology has enabled doctors to leverage a patient’s medical history to generate different treatment options.

Healthcare, energy, and environment sectors began making strides as soon as Machine Learning arrived. With the potential that Machine Learning has in store, the world is all set to see countless devices, sensors, and tools that will enhance these sectors to a far greater extent.

Our Focus

VBRI offers machine learning solutions that put your business one step ahead of others. We develop solutions that make your data, work on its own. We help you personalize your customer experience, implement solutions, and automate your working models. In the past, our machine learning experts have been involved in significant projects in the sectors of energy, environment, and healthcare. Our offerings and expertise span across different branches, such as-

  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Image Processing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Optimization
  • Machine Reception

and many more. Our machine learning solutions are tailor-made to open your business to a diverse range of opportunities and enhance your interaction with customers.

Our extensive work in the Healthcare sector has led to new possibilities in the field of Cloud Medicine. Our initiatives in energy and environment have also been fruitful and focused on building a better world. With the experience of designing solutions for various industries and expertise over technical strategies, VBRI is more than suited to develop solutions that stimulate continuous growth of your business.

Our Approach

We, at VBRI, believe that technology is going to drive productivity for all the organizations in the near future. We approach the development of IoT solutions for our clients with extreme care. Our products and solutions are aligned with the objectives of our clients and customized to optimize their business power and growth.

Our developers understand that it can be extremely complex to implement an unknown technology into an organization. Therefore, we design our products as simply as possible without affecting the efficiency. Our organization is known for effective communication with clients, wonderful project management, and optimized results. Our IoT solutions are known to maximize the potential of success for our clients.



Precious insights to the clients to help them with the adoption of IoT and succeed with the devices.

Intelligence Plartforms

Our best-in-class IoT-enabled intelligence platforms to optimize your business growth in no time.


Reliable testing services that help companies and tech organizations test the potential cases in real conditions.

Virtual Application

We offer the development of all kinds of applications based on IoT that enhance the way your business work.

System Integration

Completely developed and end-to-end solutions that enable business intelligence integration and equipment integration.

Service & Support

Valuable support and services to the clients based on our years of expertise and experience with IoT technology.

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