If you want a profession that gives you a chance to innovate and impact the society positively, then VBRI is the place for you. At VBRI, you get everything that you want from your career and more.

Here, you get to work with people with an innovative streak who actually care about the world. From a client list with big names to a set of exciting problems to solve, from a caring environment to unhampered growth, we have all of it in store for you.

VBRI is the perfect place for everyone who likes to challenge the status quo. We embrace disruption, change, and innovation. With us, you’ll discover ample opportunities to try and innovate technology, business processes, and much more. At VBRI, we give you the chance to be the part of something bigger than just yourself; something that changes the world and society in a better way; and something that has a long-lasting impact. We help you challenge the norms at every step!

Life at VBRI

VBRI is not just about work, it’s about people! We understand that a significant part of an employee’s life is spent at workplace. Therefore, life at VBRI is a balance of work, progression, and fun. From celebrations for every employee’s birthday to many fun group activities, we try to give back to the employees as much as possible. The work culture at VBRI is rewarding. If you’re good at something, we make sure that everyone knows it. It is inclusive as well: we make sure that every employee gets to contribute and speaks up when he wants to.

At VBRI, the employees feel listened to, valued, rewarded, and free.

Job Openings

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